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  • Madness Interactive -...

    Madness Interactive - Half Life

    93,549 plays, 77%

    Your Gordon Freeman from Half Life in a Madness Interactive themed game. Blast away your enemies.

  • Madness Gun Sounds!

    Madness Gun Sounds!

    37,434 plays, 86%

    A song made completely from Madness Interactive gun sounds!

  • Adventures Of The Dude

    Adventures Of The Dude

    3,052 plays, 85%

    Run around grabbing golden spheres and shooting enemies. Don't fall into those tar pits!

  • Tarnation


    3,054 plays, 85%

    Defend the garden from Tars, bugs made of tar that will pollute the water.
    Manage your army and create different units by selecting different direction with the mouse.

  • Mod Nail Design

    Mod Nail Design

    6,805 plays, 79%

    Make your nails shining and glittery with all this stuffs.

  • Anti Clock Day Madness

    Anti Clock Day Madness

    62,321 plays, 84%

    The Madness series meets the Clocks!

  • Madness Combat Defense

    Madness Combat Defense

    37,165 plays, 87%

    Build up your defenses to fight off the Madness men!

  • Madness Infinited

    Madness Infinited

    43,418 plays, 84%

    Shoot the bad guys from the Madness universe as they appear on the screen with multiple weapons.

  • Madness Modification

    Madness Modification

    73,467 plays, 77%

    Shoot the Madness characters as you explore the world, try challenges, or just experiment. Cool

  • This is Madness

    This is Madness

    31,591 plays, 88%

    A cool sidescrolling game set in the Madness universe. Dodge enemy fire, then kill them.

  • Mod Teen Dress Up

    Mod Teen Dress Up

    19,386 plays, 84%

    Now this is a girl who knows fashion. Dress her up in any of over a hundred options.

  • Madness Death Wish

    Madness Death Wish

    123,191 plays, 88%

    Who says you can't go out fighting? Mr. Madness wants to take a few dudes to hell with him. Will you help?

  • Santa Pod Racer

    Santa Pod Racer

    11,530 plays, 83%

    Choose one of three Pro-Mod drag racing cars to race down the drag strip and see if you can get the fastest time.

  • Santa Pod Racer

    Santa Pod Racer

    22,011 plays, 85%

    Choose one of three Pro-Mod drag racing cars to race down the drag strip and see if you can get the fastest time.

  • Madness Wootification

    Madness Wootification

    115,767 plays, 89%

    This was the most twisted madness tribute ever.

  • Madness Inundation

    Madness Inundation

    144,767 plays, 90%

    Madness Combat 8 has arrived

  • Madness Hydraulic

    Madness Hydraulic

    29,673 plays, 90%

    Stay alive as you take on wave after wave of Madness universe enemies. Install and upgrade turrets.

  • Madness Scene Creator

    Madness Scene Creator

    214,184 plays, 87%

    Drag and drop pieces to create your own Madness scene. Spray however much blood you want.

  • Madness Combat III...

    Madness Combat III : Avenger

    72,997 plays, 88%

    The third Madness Combat movie, a violent adventure through time and space.

  • Madness Scene Creator 2

    Madness Scene Creator 2

    202,341 plays, 88%

    Create an even better Madness scene with more backgrounds and objects to add to your creation.

  • Offroad Madness

    Offroad Madness

    14,601 plays, 79%

    Take it offroad through cities, beaches, caves, snowy mountains in Offroad Madness! Choose from 4 tricked out baller SUVs!