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  • Area: 41

    Area: 41

    15,462 plays, 86%

    Shoot the cybernetic machines, collect objects and cash for points.

  • Sk8park


    4,552 plays, 54%

    You only have a few seconds to collect the 4 orange skate wheels. You have to do different tricks to get cash.

  • Get A Life

    Get A Life

    11,003 plays, 56%

    A fun RPG game. Get a job, cash and build your stats

  • Fat Cat Cashback

    Fat Cat Cashback

    5,870 plays, 71%

    Mouse over the notes to rack up or collect the cash.

  • Vegetable Garden

    Vegetable Garden

    4,420 plays, 77%

    Exibit your gardening skill and earn as much cash in every round.

  • Death Trip

    Death Trip

    3,921 plays, 81%

    Deliver your clients as fast as possible to earn cash and advance to the next level!

  • Angel Garden Decor

    Angel Garden Decor

    23,258 plays, 85%

    Drag items into the scene and make your own scene that you want. Multiple girls, creatures and items.

  • Al Capone Mahjong

    Al Capone Mahjong

    13,320 plays, 87%

    Click at the identical unlocked items to delete them. The item is unlocked when its two adjacent sides are opened. You win when all items are deleted.

  • Cupcake Company

    Cupcake Company

    5,130 plays, 77%

    Earn cash each day to progress to the next- everyday gets a little harder, and only the very best complete the 14 days.

  • The Treasures Of...

    The Treasures Of Montezuma 2

    169,642 plays, 89%

    This is one of those high quality match-three games. You need to switch positions of adjacent items to form lines of 3 or more identical ones. Your goal is each level is to eliminate all items that have a gem inside. You can shop for upgrades between levels.

  • Casino Royale

    Casino Royale

    147,051 plays, 81%

    Take your chances and bet your money on different betting games and see if you're lucky enough to sack more cash. Enjoy!

  • The Big Picture

    The Big Picture

    8,927 plays, 78%

    The Tabloid Drama Action is paying mad money cash for behind the scenes photos.

  • Bookcase Battle

    Bookcase Battle

    2,980 plays, 82%

    When you don't have enough cash to purchase or update weapons,you can play easier levels repeatedly earn money.

  • City Salon

    City Salon

    108,186 plays, 88%

    Job Game Serve each customer before the time otherwise life loses. Gain target money to upgrade all items. Use the mouse to drag the customers to the hairdresser chairs and serve them by dragging the right tool with selected items.

  • Fat Buster Doctor

    Fat Buster Doctor

    18,205 plays, 67%

    Finally, a miracle cure for fat that really works! You are a Fat Buster Doctor and you have a high-tech anti-fat scanner that generates fat-busting codes in this online memory game. Scan your clients to find out how they broke their diets. Watch for the code.Then, punch the code into the machine exactly as it appeared. No mistakes, or your clients will gain fat. Level up to more complex fat-busting and become the top Fat Buster Doc!

  • Hugo: Total Defender

    Hugo: Total Defender

    3,100 plays, 80%

    Kill all the incoming enemies to complete a level, then spend your cash on upgrades. If your health falls to 0, it's game over!

  • Operation STAT

    Operation STAT

    10,670 plays, 81%

    The kids next door need your help to broadcast their pirate TV network! Complete each level to gather the items required to build a top-secret spy antenna.

    Click on items as you find them. Then drag them on their correct position in the table and assemble them before time runs out!

  • Trolley Dash

    Trolley Dash

    62,223 plays, 86%

    You have 60 seconds to pick up your groceries. Remember the list and pick up the items. Collect all the items on your shopping list to move to the next level.

  • Sauna Escape

    Sauna Escape

    9,199 plays, 68%

    Your mission is simple. You have to get out of the sauna before the temperature reaches to 210 C. find items and use them to escape. Some of the items are dragable. Hold down left mouse button and drag them to the place you think you can use them.

  • My Xmas Room

    My Xmas Room

    32,239 plays, 88%

    Get into the holiday spirit in this special edition of your favorite room-decorating game! Click on the catalogue to the right to choose your items. Click the arrows in the upper-right corner to choose a location: would you rather have a beach house, penthouse, or an underwater house? Change music styles by clicking on the jukebox or stereo. Paint your items and walls your favorite colors with the Brush and Wallpaper buttons. Click the buttons at the bottom to rotate furniture, delete items, or print your room.

  • Money Thief

    Money Thief

    4,290 plays, 78%

    Grab and stash as much cash as you can without getting caught. Your marks will chase you, so be crafty about your escape! If you get trapped, jump behind a dumpster and change into a disguise.