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  • Earn to Die 2012

    Earn to Die 2012

    917,365 plays, 89%

    The smash hit game Earn to Die is back with an action packed new version! Crush zombies and earn money as you try to escape the zombie apocalypse!

  • Macin-Smash


    8,453 plays, 75%

    Smash as many Mac computers and laptops as possible in 60 seconds. Not Macintosh, Macin SMASH!

  • Criket Challenge

    Criket Challenge

    41,358 plays, 86%

    Best Flash Cricket Game Online.

  • Brawl Taunts

    Brawl Taunts

    32,817 plays, 82%

    Things you'll never hear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • Police Pursuit 3D

    Police Pursuit 3D

    78,244 plays, 89%

    You are now one of the good guys. Race your super sport police car through the cities and smash into the criminals that are trying to escape.

  • Crazy Ball

    Crazy Ball

    67,003 plays, 86%

    Flash version of the old but fun slime basketball. 1 or 2 players.

  • Darts Sim

    Darts Sim

    5,863 plays, 82%

    Rise to glory as you take on people from all around the world in this online version of the classic pub game! Keep a steady hand and a good aim, and you can beat the best in your local area, your county, your country, or even the world!

  • Platform Racing 2

    Platform Racing 2

    14,388 plays, 83%

    Your goal in this awesome multiplayer game is to race with other online people from all around the world and see if you have what it takes to be first. Just customize your character and start playing. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hold down UP ARROW KEY to charge a super jump, then release to jump super. Press SPACEBAR to use an item (You get items from the "?" item blocks). The game has a built in level editor, so you can create your own levels and upload them for all to play. Have fun!

  • Twinz!


    51,318 plays, 76%

    Try a brand-new version of your favourite game! Twice as colourful, twice as amusing, twice as addicting! It's an online kids fun for the fans of all the game genres.Game Controls:

  • Bad Eggs Online 2

    Bad Eggs Online 2

    13,706 plays, 82%

    Bad Eggs Online is an awesome multiplayer game inspired by Tanks and Worms. Control an egg and use an impressive arsenal of weaponry to defeat your enemies. Play epic Egg vs Egg online matches and find out how good or bad you are!

  • Gully Cricket

    Gully Cricket

    43,485 plays, 83%

    Street Cricket, a stripped down version of cricket is a rage almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent.

    Now you can play online and experience why it is such a huge game in India.

  • Place for my Head

    Place for my Head

    4,437 plays, 79%

    A Flash version of music by artist Linkin Park.

  • Portal: The Flash...

    Portal: The Flash Version

    18,428 plays, 87%

    This is one tricky but great platform logic game!

  • Dragon Ball Z : The...

    Dragon Ball Z : The Flash Super Saiyan

    246,935 plays, 88%

    Fight the characters of Dragon Ball in this crazy Flash Game Fighting.

  • Death vs. Monstars

    Death vs. Monstars

    3,476 plays, 79%

    Is a super-frantic, super-intense manic arena shooter. Death vs. Monstars introduces two unique things. First the not-so traditional control scheme. Don’t worry, You’ll get used to it and after that it’s much better than the old “wasd + mouse”. The other is the engine. It can move up to 1000 stuff on-screen with ease on a decent pc. Well I never saw anything like that before in a flash game anyway

  • The Great Giana Sisters

    The Great Giana Sisters

    21,950 plays, 84%

    Retroflash! Some of you might still know this game from the C64. Here's the flash version of the cult platformer.

  • Smudgeman


    7,286 plays, 72%

    A nice free-style version from Pacman where you become a miniature super-hero who must collect all the labels whilst avoiding the smudge monsters.

  • Slug Smash

    Slug Smash

    4,665 plays, 86%

    Smash up an army of psychotic slugs and dodge explosive meteors!

  • Smash Diamonds

    Smash Diamonds

    20,603 plays, 86%

    This cool retro game is destined to be a smash hit with Match-3 fans!

  • Music Smash

    Music Smash

    5,637 plays, 88%

    This is the third installment of the series Music MiniGamez. Thank you for all those who enjoyed the other two. This one is a much harder version of Music Stomp, for those who thought Music Stomp a bit too easy, see if you can feel the beat!

  • Big Super Hero Wish

    Big Super Hero Wish

    27,389 plays, 83%

    Be careful what you wish for! When Timmy wished his friends could become super heroes, his wish came true but he also turned all their enemies into super villains! Zap the baddies into super villain jail with his trusty teleportation ray and save the town from being overrun by evil!