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  • Summer Games 2005

    Summer Games 2005

    579,372 plays, 81%

    Enter the Summer Games of 2005! Represent your country of choice and compete in various games and fulfill the requirement in each level to progress. Satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy playing!

  • Accurate Slapshot

    Accurate Slapshot

    40,858 plays, 81%

    A combination of sports games and puzzle games. Hit the puck into the goal, using obstacles to your advantage! Can you beat all 24 levels?

  • Mini Games

    Mini Games

    151,882 plays, 73%

    Six cool games to have some real fun!

  • Super Villain Smash Out

    Super Villain Smash Out

    76,982 plays, 79%

    Well this game more like a 3 games in one. It got the characteristic of 3 games like arkanoid, ice hockey, and pong similar to game called Block Breaker.

  • Super Alpha Soup

    Super Alpha Soup

    87,077 plays, 69%

    Like word games and food games? Great! Spell words by linking your letter-shaped noodles. Quick, though: your soup is getting cold!

  • Hellcops


    699,648 plays, 84%

    If you like bike skill games but also destruction games this is your game. Drive the HellCops car and destroy everything!

  • Rhythm Blaster

    Rhythm Blaster

    17,709 plays, 74%

    Can rhythm games mesh well with shooters? Only one way to find out :P RhythmBlaster tries to combine the shooter and rhythm genre of games, with an abstract retro style and 3 fun levels + 1 boss level.

  • Four Second Firestorm

    Four Second Firestorm

    230,877 plays, 79%

    Welcome to Firestorm! 56 Artists, 175 Microgames each in 4 seconds or less. Developers from over 20 different countries participated in this massive game collaboration, becoming one of the largest Flash games ever produced. It's like Wariowares, same style gaming and genre.

    Being the last of its kind, this final part of the Four Second series takes you beyond the keyboard, and includes over 60 mouse-based games in it's own entire Mouse mode, giving Four Second Firestorm a powerful boost in gameplay. If you are a traditionalist, there are still over 100 original keyboard games to keep you happy. Get to the boss, and win.

    Thanks to everyone for making this game series as fun and exciting to produce as it has been to play, and thanks to the other 55 developers who were on this project. Check out their bios for more information about each developer!

  • Cardian


    67,250 plays, 82%

    Build the ultimate deck and use it to challenge the six Cardian masters to exciting real time combat. Cardian is a Card game with a difference, fans of side scrolling defense games and trading card games alike will find a new blend of gameplay they’ve never tried before.

  • Racing Cartoon...

    Racing Cartoon Differences

    289,188 plays, 85%

    Racing cartoon differences is a game for people who love racing games and puzzle games. You have to find the things who are not the same in both racing images.

  • Drake and Josh Micro...

    Drake and Josh Micro Game Madness!

    72,949 plays, 77%

    Play as either Drake or Josh and test your skills in a barage of Micro Games! Keep going and going as the games get faster and faster!

  • Racing Cartoon...

    Racing Cartoon Differences

    158,325 plays, 83%

    Racing cartoon differences is a game for people who love racing games and puzzle games. You have to find the things who are not the same in both racing images.

  • World Class Chef...

    World Class Chef: Germany

    132,549 plays, 78%

    This is another World Class Chef Game. This time you're making a German recipe, potato soup. You need to follow the recipe step by step bringing the required ingredients and tools to the correct places. Then you'll need to play mini games that represent different stages of the cooking process. The better you play these games, the higher will be you r final score.

  • Onslaught 2

    Onslaught 2

    155,809 plays, 81%

    Another tower defense game. What makes this one any different from the rest?" One word: Combos.

    As with other tower defense games, you earn cash by obliterating the attackers that creep their way around any one of several maps available to play. With the cash you can purchase additional turrets or upgrade existing ones. But it is the Combos that add a level of depth to this tower defense game not present in other games like it. The combinations are many, and the resulting strategy becomes deep.

  • Pooh's Brain Games

    Pooh's Brain Games

    34,237 plays, 80%

    Exercise your brain with Winnie the Pooh's Brain Games!

  • Pooh's Brain Games

    Pooh's Brain Games

    58,093 plays, 81%

    Exercise your brain with Winnie the Pooh's Brain Games!

  • Karaoke Resort

    Karaoke Resort

    159,547 plays, 79%

    Try These Games!

  • Sue Clothes Maker

    Sue Clothes Maker

    282,862 plays, 76%

    This is a fun games. Just press the right key!

  • War Games: The Training...

    War Games: The Training Mission

    34,619 plays, 82%

    It's man by himself fight. It's everybody against everybody. Can you win?

  • Awesome Video Games -...

    Awesome Video Games - Ep12

    14,590 plays, 74%

    Do the R.O.B.!

  • Awesome Video Games -...

    Awesome Video Games - Ep19

    31,813 plays, 70%

    The Doctor is IN!