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  • Sort My Tiles Dora the...

    Sort My Tiles Dora the Expoler

    164,963 plays, 81%

    Dora and the gang needs some sorting out in the forest.

  • Dora Saves The Prince

    Dora Saves The Prince

    162,166 plays, 83%

    Join Dora and her friends on a journey to rescue the Snow Princess and save the Snowy Forest.

  • Bingo with Dora

    Bingo with Dora

    148,314 plays, 78%

    Play Bingo with cute little Dora by matching the pictures she shows to you with the ones you have on your card. Pay attention at the picture in Dora's hand, then look on your card to find the same picture there. If you don't have it on your card, click on the box to make Dora take another picture. You win the game when you match three pictures in a round. Have fun!

  • Badass Dora!

    Badass Dora!

    18,886 plays, 70%

    A follow-up to Dora the Exploder!

  • Dora The Exploder

    Dora The Exploder

    29,222 plays, 68%

    See How Brutal Dora really is.

  • Dora Diner

    Dora Diner

    6,864 plays, 87%

    Play as Dora in her very own Diner! Serve the customers and show them to their seats, take their order when they are ready and bring their food to them. Spend the money on upgrading your Diner!

  • Dora Fairytale Fiesta

    Dora Fairytale Fiesta

    114,803 plays, 85%

    Dora has been invited to a party at the king's castle and for this party she has dressed herself as a princess. She looks so cute and she's excited to go to the party but just when she got closer the mean witch appeared and made a spell.

  • Dora Saves The Farm

    Dora Saves The Farm

    252,652 plays, 82%

    In Dora saves the farm, you need to take care of all the animals, collect eggs, and help your friend finish all his chores. You can help in the chicken coop, the pig pen, or the barn.

  • Dora Shadows

    Dora Shadows

    43,140 plays, 81%

    Dora and her friends have lost their shadows can you help them find them?

  • Dora the Explorer Dress...

    Dora the Explorer Dress Up

    228,749 plays, 85%

    Dora the explorer needs your HELP! She can't decide what to wear! Can you help her?

  • Puzzle Mania Dora

    Puzzle Mania Dora

    52,897 plays, 82%

    Complete the Dora puzzle piece.

  • Dora Online Coloring

    Dora Online Coloring

    101,058 plays, 79%

    Paint your Dora Online Coloring Page with your favorite colors.

  • Dora Find Boots

    Dora Find Boots

    49,611 plays, 81%

    Dora is playing hide and seek with Boots the monkey, can you find him?

  • Dora's Playtime with the...

    Dora's Playtime with the Twins

    196,280 plays, 83%

    Dora the explorer is now a babysitter to her cute little brother and sister. She loves them so much and she is very happy when her parents allow her to stay with them and take care of them. Today is that day and she would like you to help her taking care of the babies. Help her feed them and play with them and later take them for a ride in the stroller. See how happy the babies get each time you and Dora play with the. Enjoy!

  • Dora and Diego Online...

    Dora and Diego Online Coloring

    60,782 plays, 83%

    Paint your Dora and Diego Online Coloring Page with your favorite colors.

  • Sort My Tiles Dora The...

    Sort My Tiles Dora The Pirate

    55,512 plays, 83%

    Sort out Dora from an explorer to a pirate.

  • Chiffon Dresses Dress Up

    Chiffon Dresses Dress Up

    51,182 plays, 83%

    Dora prepares for a romantic date in a beautiful summer evening. She wants to look fabulous for her new boyfriend. She should be feminine and graceful for him! That's why she wants to wear one of her beautiful dresses, change her hairstyle and her look by using some makeup. To look perfect she needs the help of a talented girl like you! Help Dora prepare for a romantic evening! Decide what dress and accessories she should wear, choose a trendy hairstyle for her and make her up as chic and trendy as you can!

  • Dora The Exploder

    Dora The Exploder

    14,806 plays, 75%

  • Badass Dora!

    Badass Dora!

    9,889 plays, 71%

  • Dora The Explorer Mix-Up

    Dora The Explorer Mix-Up

    54,031 plays, 83%

    Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.

  • Point And Click - Dora

    Point And Click - Dora

    77,297 plays, 80%

    Search the difference on the two identical pictures.