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  • Bike Mania

    Bike Mania

    69,578 plays, 86%

    Bike Mania has the ultimate trail bike courses which must be completed to show you are a true champion. This is a challenging game and only the best gamers will make the grade!

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  • Keeper Of The Grove 3

    Keeper Of The Grove 3

    4,610 plays, 86%

    Play Keeper Of The Grove 3 and many more free online games similar to Keeper Of The Grove 3. Our online games portal let you play all the games like Keeper Of The Grove 3. In this fun strategy game you will be the Keeper of the grove and your job is to make sure that the enemy creeps will not get away with stealing the precious gems you are guarding. Build defensive turrets around the path so they will automatically defend the map so nothing will get stolen. Also you should try to upgrade them in order to become more efficient in combat. You can call a wave earlier in order to receive a bonus for that. Collect all the coins with your mouse and build more defensive turrets.

  • Cool Salon 2

    Cool Salon 2

    44,287 plays, 85%

    You're the owner of a hair salon. Move the arrows use the space bar to help your clients. Use the arrows to take action.

  • Barbie Breakfast

    Barbie Breakfast

    87,890 plays, 83%

    Barbie is ready to get her day started! She must have a delicious breakfast to help her get through a long day of photo shoots. See if you can make her favorite breakfast.

  • Barbie's Round Up

    Barbie's Round Up

    32,739 plays, 82%

    Help Barbie round up the pigs up and return them safely to the barn.

  • Barbie is Hungry

    Barbie is Hungry

    56,250 plays, 78%

    Barbie is hungry! Make her jump only on the good foods.

  • Hair Dressing Salon for...

    Hair Dressing Salon for Bald Men

    8,439 plays, 78%

    Put the wig to the correct clients in the Hairdressing Salon For Bald Men!

  • Magic Hairdos House

    Magic Hairdos House

    25,037 plays, 82%

    Do you have what it takes to run the most popular hair salon in town? These three cuties here are ready to let you work your skills as a hairstylist on their lovely locks, so feel free to wash their long, beautiful hairs, to use your scissors, you iron when a few curls are necessary and so on, till you put together one of the trendy hairdos that you can choose from before you start the hairstyling session! Have fun!

  • Teen Car Wash

    Teen Car Wash

    25,816 plays, 82%

    Ken just borrowed Barbies car and made a mess when he return it. Help Barbie clean her car and make some decorations on it too! This is a nice car to clean. If you are a teen girl you will love the barbie convertible.

  • Monkey Salon

    Monkey Salon

    11,685 plays, 88%

    The little monkey came to your salon to be dress up like a monkey super star. Try out the accessories, the tiny clothes are gorgeous! So irresistible that you will fall in love with him!

  • Barbie Cooking -...

    Barbie Cooking - Valentine Blanc Mange

    277,122 plays, 85%

    Barbie's finally here with her delicious recipes! This time she'll teach us how to make an exquisite Valentine's Day cake, a typical "blancmange" covered with chocolate shavings to surprise your boyfriend on the day for lovers. Don't skip even one step!

  • Beauty Salon

    Beauty Salon

    23,684 plays, 84%

    A new beauty salon has opened up and they would like you to work with them. Test your beauty skills and help out with the grand opening as more customers come.

  • Trendy Salon Escape Game

    Trendy Salon Escape Game

    29,463 plays, 81%

    You are stuck inside the trendy salon, try to find out the clues, objects and use your wits to escape from there before you pull your hair out.

  • Salon Slacking

    Salon Slacking

    17,300 plays, 86%

    Sarah has just landed the perfect job within a local hairdressing salon helping to cut, dye and prepare customer's hair, but it is trickier than she thought. Will her customers like their new styles, or will Sarah's slacking get hairy?

  • Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride

    Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride

    73,634 plays, 84%

    Take a Bike ride with Barbie. Score point and unlock fab fasihon.

  • Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride

    Barbie Bike Stylin' Ride

    116,580 plays, 85%

    Take a Bike ride with Barbie. Score point and unlock fab fashion.

  • Sweet Street Beauty...

    Sweet Street Beauty Salon

    35,024 plays, 78%

    Can you help her change her look in the beauty salon?

  • Chef Barbie Pizza

    Chef Barbie Pizza

    35,756 plays, 86%

    Barbie has set out to be a top chef! She will be making all type of food but she is starting with Kens favorite, Original Italian Pizza! There are She has to find all her tool and ingredients in the kitchen. This game has 6 fun steps to complete before you finish a tasty pizza.

  • Barbie Chili

    Barbie Chili

    31,026 plays, 83%

    Chef Barbie is here to teach you her favorite spicy meal, chili con carne! Follow the recipe step by step and you could enjoy this filling meal too.

  • Barbie Folk Costumes

    Barbie Folk Costumes

    64,029 plays, 85%

    Dress the lovely barbie with traditional folk costumes from selections.

  • Barbie Puzzle

    Barbie Puzzle

    78,411 plays, 80%

    Finish this Barbie princess puzzle.