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  • Lady Gaga Barbie

    Lady Gaga Barbie

    18,798 plays, 85%

    Barbie dolls are many girls favorite toys growing up. Now it is time for your favorite musician to have her own barbie. Lady Gaga is a super star and her barbie is too cute. Make her your own!

  • Construction Academy

    Construction Academy

    14,123 plays, 87%

    Free online skill physics balancing building game by

  • Barbie Truck

    Barbie Truck

    32,385 plays, 85%

    Barbie is setting out to deliver toys and gives to all her fans. Her truck has been spotted on the road. Drive the Barbie Truck to the toy shop and make everyone super happy!

  • Barbie Ear Doctor

    Barbie Ear Doctor

    36,374 plays, 84%

    Barbie has been busy on tour and she has not been to the doctor in years. She finally has time to visit the ear doctor. After you start looking into her ears you will see many issues. She has bugs, wax, smells, and other nasty things you must take care of for her. Use your doctor skills to fix barbie back to new!

  • Real Barbie Dress Up

    Real Barbie Dress Up

    151,739 plays, 84%

    This is a Barbie made of flesh and blood and looks a lot like Britney Spears, right?

  • Trendy Barbie

    Trendy Barbie

    69,998 plays, 86%

    Give Barbie the ultimate fashion makeover and dress!

  • Barbie and Ken Kissing

    Barbie and Ken Kissing

    112,577 plays, 87%

    Help Barbie and Ken sneak in romantic kisses but don't get caught off the paparazzi!

  • Pets Beauty Salon

    Pets Beauty Salon

    105,937 plays, 87%

    Beauty salon is not only the people trend but also in pets. Today three pets go to a beauty salon to make a beautiful and pretty makeover. Help them washing first and dress them up, they will be more cool!

  • Barbie & Me Bike Game

    Barbie & Me Bike Game

    235,624 plays, 83%

    Ride with Barbie and collect hearts, flowers and butterflies for points.

  • Barbie


    291,093 plays, 85%

    Its Barbie and its time for you to dress her up beautifully for her day out! Have fun dressing her!

  • Viste A Barbie

    Viste A Barbie

    106,412 plays, 85%

    You have many clothing and complements to put good-looking Barbie. Combine the colors and the textures and make your own fashion collection.

  • Barbie Puzzle 2

    Barbie Puzzle 2

    86,895 plays, 79%

    Complete this Barbie for you before the time runs out

  • Dance with Barbie

    Dance with Barbie

    117,092 plays, 80%

    Do some killer move with Barbie.

  • Pet Salon

    Pet Salon

    57,902 plays, 85%

    The loveliest job in the world is to work in a pet salon and care the little puppies! They need to be cleaned, dried, combed and loved! Take them onto the seats and give them what they need!

  • Virtual Salon

    Virtual Salon

    57,097 plays, 84%

    You need to manage your hair salon in the best way possible. Click on the box in the right-hand corner to begin. Greet your clients and help them. When you have enough money, hire some employees.

  • Barbie Pork Chop

    Barbie Pork Chop

    20,727 plays, 84%

    Chef Barbie loves cooking in her kitchen and today she needs your help to create delicious and tender pork chops.

  • Barbie Spa Rihanna

    Barbie Spa Rihanna

    20,687 plays, 85%

    Barbie is ready for the next celebrity spa day with Rihanna. This super star singer love her Barbies.

  • Barbie Flower Girl...

    Barbie Flower Girl Dresses

    162,772 plays, 86%

    Choose a nice makeup and gown for this beautiful barbie girl.

  • Barbie in Halloween

    Barbie in Halloween

    63,263 plays, 87%

    Barbie and her dog is ready for the halloween party. Select the ideal dress for her and her little doggie.

  • Bike Mania

    Bike Mania

    62,496 plays, 86%

    Bike Mania has the ultimate trail bike courses which must be completed to show you are a true champion. This is a challenging game and only the best gamers will make the grade!

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  • Cool Salon 2

    Cool Salon 2

    43,035 plays, 85%

    You're the owner of a hair salon. Move the arrows use the space bar to help your clients. Use the arrows to take action.