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  • Head Shot

    Head Shot

    Shoot the head in each level. Try to pass all 25 challenges.

  • Pineapple Pen Master

    Pineapple Pen Master

    Hit the fruits with your pens! Unlock new pens as you master all 3 modes.

  • Diamond Hunter

    Diamond Hunter

    In Diamond Hunter your goal is to survive as long as possible. Dodge the rocks, bomb and collect the diamonds then throw to the cart to obtain a high...

  • Hop Quest

    Hop Quest

    Hop toward platforms full of deadly traps ahead and reach your way out! Collect gold coins and unlock new heroes!

  • Silly Snakes

    Silly Snakes

    Become the biggest snake, by eating the seeds around the stage. Take out other players, you can get the highest score!

  • Watercraft Rush

    Watercraft Rush

    Hop on your watercraft and race! Beat the timer to progress to the next level, but watch out for any obstacles!

  • Angry Gran Run - Turkey

    Angry Gran Run - Turkey

    This month, Angry Gran is off to Turkey! Run through the streets of Istanbul, dodging the Happy Kebab, Camper Vans and Whirling Dervishes! Collect...

  • Apple Shooter Remastered

    Apple Shooter Remastered

    Take aim and shoot the apple. Watch out not to hit the guy standing there!

  • Basketball Line

    Basketball Line

    Draw a line and make the falling ball to score the basket! Time your drawings properly and avoid the bombs!

Head Shot

Shoot the head in each level. Try to pass all 25 challenges.

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